Post-Primary Endorsement Process

Pursuant to the California Democratic Party (CDP) By-Laws, if a CDP-endorsed candidate in the Primary Election advances to the General Election in a race, that endorsement remains in effect. Otherwise, the post-Primary endorsement process will apply for federal and state offices, including statewide offices (U.S. Senate and State Constitutional Offices), U.S. House, State Assembly, and State Senate (even-numbered districts), depending on whether (1) one Democratic candidate (Party Preference: Democratic) advances to the General Election and that candidate did not receive the pre-Primary endorsement, or (2) two Democratic candidates (Party Preference: Democratic) advance to the General Election and neither candidate received the Pre-Primary endorsement. (CDP By-Laws, Art. VIII, Sec. 3.h.)


General Information and Registration Forms

2018 Post-Primary Endorsement Process General Information Memo (Updated 7/12/18)

2018 CDP Election Appeals Committee Appointments for Post-Primary Endorsement Process (Updated 7/10/18)

CDP Post-Primary Legislative Endorsement Registration Form

CDP Post-Primary Statewide Endorsement Registration Form 


Post-Primary Statewide Endorsement Consideration Information

(Two Democratic candidates advance to the General Election and neither candidate received Pre-Primary Endorsement)

Post-primary statewide endorsement balloting were held at the CDP Executive Board Meeting, July 13-15, 2018, Marriott Oakland City Center.

2018 U.S. Senate Post-Primary Endorsement Balloting Vote Record (Released 8/15/18)

2018 U.S. Senate Post-Primary Endorsement Balloting Result (Updated 7/14/18)

List of Statewide Candidates Seeking CDP Post-Primary Endorsement Consideration (Updated 6/28/18)

CDP Post-Primary Statewide Endorsement Ballot Order Drawing Result - U.S. Senate (Updated 7/3/18)

CDP Press Release - Candidates for Lieutenant Governor Reach Agreement on Party Endorsement (Updated 6/14/18)

CDP Endorsement Balloting Voter Assistance Procedures and Guidelines (Updated 6/29/18)

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