Endorsement General Information

General Endorsement Information 

Note: Details for the 2018 CDP Pre-Endorsing Conferences to be held January 27-28, 2018, to consider the pre-primary endorsement recommendations for U.S. House, State Senate, and State Assembly election contests will be made available on this webpage in early January 2018.

2018 Endorsement Overview (Updated 11/20/17)

2018 Pre-Endorsing Conference vs. Endorsing Caucus Table (Updated 11/20/17)

2018 Chartered Club & Organization Potential Representative Memo

Endorsement Process General Rules Relating to CDP Regions, Caucuses, Chartered Organizations, and Democratic County Central Committees (Updated 12/12/17)

Special Election Endorsing Caucus General Information

2018 State Convention Rules

California Democratic Party By-Laws



The CDP By-Laws supersede any information provided by staff regarding the endorsement process. Please refer to the CDP By-Laws for details.

* Information on the endorsement process is updated with recent CDP Bylaw amendment proposals adopted at the CDP Executive Board Meeting, November 17-19, 2017. For more information, please visit the CDP Rules Committee webpage.

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