2018 Statewide Endorsement Vote Results

Your CDP Team was proud to unveil a new voting system for our 2018 California Democrats State Convention as part of our efforts to improve the Delegate experience. We were very grateful for all of the feedback we received on the new system, which was developed for the CDP by Political Data, Inc., and allowed for our volunteers and staff to count the votes that were cast in our endorsement contests while maintaining a verifiable paper ballot.

For the first time ever, the Party is releasing the complete accounting of the balloting vote by vote as part of our commitment to ensuring maximal transparency in the CDP.

You can find a list of how every delegate voted here.

(Delegates who believe there may be an issue with how their vote was recorded may email endorsements@cadem.org so we can immediately determine what, if any, discrepancy exists.)

In preparation for releasing the delegate vote count list publicly, our staff found a minor anomaly in the system tabulation report and determined that a handful of the more than 32,000 votes that were cast in the 12 different statewide races were tabulated erroneously. This review resulted in minor changes to the vote totals that were reported on Sunday at Convention, but did not affect the outcome of any individual race. 

Updated endorsement vote counts and results can be found here.

The CDP Team is committed to ensuring our members have the most updated and accurate information available. As always, we welcome feedback on ways we can make the Party even more transparent and accessible to Delegates, candidates and grassroots Democrats. Feel free to email your suggestions to editor@cadem.org.  Should you have any questions, you may reach the Political Department by calling (916) 442-5707 or emailing endorsements@cadem.org.

Democratically Yours,

-- The CDP Team 

(Updated 4/5/18)


The CDP By-Laws supersede any information provided by staff regarding the endorsement process. Please refer to the CDP By-Laws for details.

* Information on the endorsement process is updated with recent CDP Bylaw amendment proposals adopted at the CDP Executive Board Meeting, November 17-19, 2017. For more information, please visit the CDP Rules Committee webpage.

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