Letters to the Editor

Write a letter to the editor and make your voice heard, urging your local, state, and congressional representatives to continue to protect progressive values for all. Remember: these are brief and each paper has it’s own submission guidelines.


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Sample letter:

I strongly support California Democrats in the state legislature and Congress in their efforts to protect progressive values, and urge Republican representatives to take a stand against this Administration’s harmful policies.

We must protect the strides California Democrats have made: along with developing the sixth largest economy in the world, California Democrats have balanced the state budget and safeguarded for future economic downturns. We have also enacted landmark income equality legislation and set globally-recognized environmental protections, along with fighting for civil and economic rights for all who live here, and much more.

[Include a sentence about your story. Answer this question: why are progressive values and protecting rights for all from the Trump Administration important to you?]

[Your name]

[Your title]

[Daytime contact info: email, phone]

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