Voter Services Committee

Register Here for Friday April 30, 2021, @ 2:00pm-4:00pm – 2021 State Convention Voter Services Committee Meeting.

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The Voter Services Committee’s responsibility is to:

    • Develop a system of grassroots organizing at the precinct level to facilitate active participation of voters in Democratic Party activities;
    • Coordinate programs to increase Democratic Party voter registration; To organize new citizen swearing-in events;
    • Organize outreach at college campuses and other sources of potential new Democratic registrants;
    • Recommend goals and guidelines for the State Party voter contact program, such as an operational plan for an effective vote-by-mail campaign in each special and general election for state and local campaigns;
    • Develop a plan to increase the percentage of Democratic voters who register for permanent vote-by-mail (PVBM) status.
    • Coordinate training seminars which include instruction on campaign management, issues, and financial reporting requirements;
    • Make every reasonable effort to assure that with respect to each and every partisan office there is at least one Democratic candidate who has filed, who wishes the Party’s endorsement, and who is worthy of consideration for that endorsement as allowed for in Article VIII, Endorsement of Candidates;
    • Review non-partisan races in which there was no Democratic candidate in the preceding election to that office and to ensure there shall be at least one Democratic candidate for the next election to that office;

Committee Roster 2019-2021

Lead Chairs

Jess Durfee
Maria Patterson
Steve Pierson
Julie Waters


Keith Baraka
Glenn Loveall
Justin Meyers
Judy Pipkin
Francisco Ramos
Bob (Robert) Schelen
Jessica Self
Bonnie Shatun
April Verret, Pasadena
Jim Wisley


Wade Alexander
Samila Amanyraoufpoor
Lisa Andres
Elina Antoniou
Loretta Arenas
Vahram (Varo) Asorian
Betty Ball
Janet Bell
Martha g. Bernal
Sandra Cook
Tiffany Countryman
Poppy Dennis
Elvira (Vera) DeWitt
James Elia
Julio Esperias
Lee Fink
Paulette Francis
Mariam Ghazvini
Mireya Gutierrez
Florice Hoffman
Katerina Ioannides
Doug Kessler
Kelly King
Leonel Lara
Joseph LeFlore
Curt Lewis
Edmundo Lopez
David Lyell
Angelita Medina
Evelyn Metoyerwilliams
Kathryn Meyer
Daren Miller
Brian Mineghino
Natasha Moiseyev
Shakisha Mounsey
Val Muchowski
Roxann Nazario
Jose Ornelas
Kiisha Orr
Sasha Renee Perez
Susan Pfeifer
Marilyn Riley
Tomas Rivera
Renee Grace Rodriguez
Patricia Sabo
Patricia Sanders
Espiridion Sandoval
Constance Sullivan
Becca Taylor
Luke Tesluk
Patricia Tutor
Tomas Vera
Codi Vierra
Vanndearlyn Vong
Emily Weisberg
Matthew Wheeler
Joe Louis Wildman
James Williams
Ken Wyant

CYD Ambassadors

Maria Flores Rodriguez
Lucero Sanchez
Brandon Weber

Committee Staff

India Thomas

* Please note that these descriptions are not meant to be an interpretation of the California Democratic Party By-Laws. The CDP By-Laws are available on our website here.