Voter Services Committee

The Voter Services Committee's responsibility is to:

    • Develop a system of grass roots organizing at the precinct level to facilitate active participation of voters in Democratic Party activities;
    • Coordinate programs to increase Democratic Party voter registration; To organize new citizen swearing in events;
    • Organize outreach at college campuses and other sources of potential new Democratic registrants;
    • Recommend goals and guidelines for the State Party voter contact program, such as an operational plan for an effective vote-by-mail campaign in each special and general election for state and local campaigns;
    • Develop a plan to increase the percentage of Democratic voters who register for permanent vote-by-mail (PVBM) status.
    • Coordinate training seminars which include instruction on campaign management, issues, and financial reporting requirements;
    • Make every reasonable effort to assure that with respect to each and every partisan office there is at least one Democratic candidate who has filed, who wishes the Party's endorsement, and who is worthy of consideration for that endorsement as allowed for in Article VIII, Endorsement of Candidates;
    • Review non-partisan races in which there was no Democratic candidate in the preceding election to that office and to ensure there shall be at least one Democratic candidate for the next election to that office;

2016 Committee Report

2015 Committee Report


Committee Roster 2015-2017

Lead Chairs
Susan Devine, San Luis Obispo
Jess Durfee,
San Diego
Bob Schelen, Davis
Jim Wisley, Hermosa Beach

Bonnie Shatun, Sherman Oaks
Anna Soto, Pomona
Roz Wyman, Los Angeles

Martha O. Acevedo, Merced
Bizhan Alikhaani, North Hills
Jacqueline Alikhaani, North Hills
Don Anque, San Diego
Loretta Arenas, San Bernadino
Christina Arrostuto, Benicia
Janet Baird, Whittier
Betty J. Ball, San Marcos
Craig Beauchamp, Costa Mesa
Jan Bell, Auburn
Richard Blackston, Lodi
Sharon E. Brown, Woodland
Tom Camarella, Culver City
Michael Cheng, Santa Barbara
Steve Chessin, Mountain View
Joe Cislowski, West Hollywood
Howard Collins, Poway
Janet Cox, Oakland
Poppy De Marco Dennis, Del Mar
Laura Declercq, Sonoma 
Ann Doneen, Malibu
James Farley, Hayward
Louise Fischer, San Francisco
Emilie Gatfield, San Jose
Sue Hamill, Walnut Creek
Patricia Harris, San Luis Obispo
Florice Hoffman, Orange
Helen Hwang, Los Angeles
Jay Jackman, Stanford
Kevin Jang, Los Angeles
Max Kanin, Los Angeles
Michael Kapp, Los Angeles
Hene Kelly, San Francisco
Doug Kessler, Selma
Constance Kizzie-Gillet, Los Angeles
Rishi Kumar, Saratoga
David Kunhardt, Corte Madera
Patricia Montejano, Fremont
Richard Mossman, Oakley
Valerie Muchowski, Philo
Ray Mueller, Menlo Park
Rima Nashashibi, Laguna Hills
Margaret Okuzumi, Sunnyvale
Kami Olsson, La Jolla
Jacquelyn Omotalade, San Francisco
Jerome C. Pandell, Danville
Susan Pelican, Nevada City
Carol Reed-Toms, Concord
Boris Ricks, Los Angeles
Chris Robles, Ontario
Tisa Rodriguez, Perris
Joseph Salas, Claremont
Patricia Sanders, Inglewood
Carrie Scoville, San Pedro 
Joe A. Souza, Turlock
Constance Sullivan, Palos Verdes Estates
Kendall Vaught, Huntington Beach
Edward Vorous, San Rafael
Renee Westa-Lusk, Ridgecrest
Donald Winters, Davis
William White, Rocklin
Joe Louis Wildman, Ukiah
Suzan Wilkinson, Palm Dessert
James Williams, Fresno

Committee Staff
Alyssa Barajas
(916) 442-5707 

* Please note that these descriptions are not meant to be an interpretation of the California Democratic Party By-Laws. The CDP By-Laws are available on our website here.

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