Rules Committee

The Rules Committee keeps the By-Laws and Rules of the California Democratic State Central Committee consistent with the aims and policies of the committee, proposes changes in the rules and bylaws and special rules when necessary and to adopt guidelines upon recommendation of the Organizational Development Committee for the Chartering of Organizations under Article X of the bylaws, hears certain appeals from decisions of the Compliance Review Commission as specified in Article XI, and interprets the rules and By-Laws when called upon by the Chair of the committee or the Executive Board.




Documents and Report

2019 August Executive Board Meeting - Rules Committee Report 

Structure For Sexual Misconduct and Harassment  

Open Meeting Policy Statement (Updated 7/14/18)

Previous Committee Reports and Documents


Rules Testimony

Submit Rules Committee Testimony or Comment


Rules Subcommittees

ADEM Subcommittee

Caucuses Subcommittee

Election of Officers Subcommittee

Endorsements Subcommittee

Miscellaneous Issues Subcommittee


Caucus Certification/Recertification Information

Caucus Application and Checklist (2018 Update)

Caucus Guidelines (2018 Update)

Caucus Certification/Recertification Guidelines (2018 Update)

Caucus Certification/Recertification Application - Appendix A Template (2018 Update)

Declaration of Support for Official Recognition of CDP Caucus (2018 Update)

Memorandum Re: 2018 CDP Caucus Certification/recertification Application Review Process (2018 Updates)

CDP Statewide Officers - Financial Disclosure Statements

Statewide Officer Financial Disclosure Statement Form

2019 Quarter 2 CDP Chair Financial Disclosure Statement 

2018 Quarter 4 Statewide Officer Financial Disclosure Statements

2018 Quarter 3 Statewide Officer Financial Disclosure Statements

2018 Quarter 2 Statewide Officer Financial Disclosure Statements

Notice of Acquisition of Material Financial Interest - Vice Chair Alex Rooker (Filed 5/30/18)

2018 Quarter 1 Statewide Officer Financial Disclosure Statements

2017 Quarter 4 Statewide Officer Financial Disclosure Statements


Previous Committee Reports

Committee Roster 2019-2021

Lead Chair

Kathy Bowler, Sacramento 
Garry Shay, Reseda


Jose Alcala, Riverside
Saundra Andrews, Oakland
Peter Chiu, Palo Alto
Nicole Fernandez, San Mateo
Jay Hansen, Sacramento
Valeria Hernandez, Sacramento
Coby King, West Hills
Jimmie Woods-Gray, Los Angeles
Laurence Zakson, West Hollywood


Prameela Bartholomeusz, Palo Alto
Hillary Blackerby, Santa Barbara
Sergio Carrillo, Wilmington
Michele Dauber, Palo Alto
Derek Devermont, Santa Monica
Stephen Gale, Santa Rosa
Drexel Heard II, North Hollywood
Ryan Hurd, San Diego
Dorothy Kim-Perez, Fontana
Ralph Miller, Kentfield
Anita Narayana, Aliso Viejo
G Anthony Phillips, American Canyon
Melahat Rafiei, Orange
Michael Soto, Moorpark
Mary Strobridge, Atascadero
Akilah Weber, La Mesa
Karen Wingard, Pasadena
William Wong, Sacramento
Mcclina Woods, Carmichael 

Committee Staff

Chris Myers 

* Please note that these descriptions are not meant to be an interpretation of the California Democratic Party By-Laws. The CDP By-Laws are available on our website here.

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