Resolutions Committee

The Resolutions Committee reviews all resolutions proposed to the committee or the Executive Board in accordance with the California Democratic State Central Committee (CDP) Bylaws. This committee has authority to recommend, reject, or amend all such resolutions prior to referral to the committee or the Executive Board. The Resolutions Committee establishes and publishes the procedures for the proposition of resolutions that are consistent with the Party’s Bylaws.

Please submit Resolution using link below.

Submit a Resolution

 The deadline to submit a timely resolution for consideration at the 2019 State Convention in May is Wednesday, May 1st by 5:00PM. Resolutions not complying with the above time limits, for either Executive Board meetings or annual CDP Conventions, will be termed "late resolutions." In order for a late resolution to be considered for passage, the sponsor of the resolution must provide the CDP staff with 35 printed copies of the resolution for use by the Committee members. Submitters of late resolutions are also requested, but not required, to provide an electronic copy of their resolution to the CDP staff by email to or by other electronic means.

Please be advised: 

  • Resolutions are intended to be general statements of our principles.
  • Resolutions that dive into highly technical and detailed policy recommendations may not be considered by the Committee at their meeting.
  • Resolutions should not reference or take positions on specific bill numbers, legislation, or ballot initiatives.

The resolving body of the resolution MUST be the California Democratic Party, not a different organization.

Procedural Rules / How to Submit a Resolution

Adopted Resolutions (2010 - 2015)

Final Resolutions Packet Adopted 11.18.18

Final Ballot Initiatives Adopted 7.15.18

Final Resolutions Packet Adopted 7.15.18

Final Resolutions Packet Adopted 2.25.18

Final Resolutions Packet Adopted 11.19.17

Final Resolutions Packet Adopted 8.27.17

Final Resolutions Packet Adopted 5.21.17

Final Resolutions Packet Adopted 11.19.16

Final Resoultions Packet Adopted 6.19.16

Final Ballot Initiatives Adopted 6.19.16

Final Resolutions Packet Adopted 2.28.16

Final Resolutions Packet Adopted 8.16.15

Previous Resolutions Packets

Committee Roster 2017-2019

Lead Chairs

Agi Kessler
Ray Cordova
Willie Pelote


Brian Allison
Rachel Binah
Nicholas Caston
Cesar Diaz
Mary Rose Ortega
Crystal Strait


Michael Burckhard
Arwen Chenery
Brannin Dorsey
Michael Gelfand
Tony Hale
Elvira Harris
James Hilfenhaus
Brigette Hunley
James Johnson Jr.
Eddie Kirby
Andrew Lachman
Susan McEntire
Victor Olivieri
Nima Rahimi
Igor Tregub
John Vassiliades
Adrian Vazquez
Kimberly Warmsley

Committee Staff

Unique Wilson

Please note that these descriptions are not meant to be an interpretation of the California Democratic Party By-Laws. The CDP By-Laws are available on our website here.

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