Platform Committee

The California Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) adopts a platform every two years. The Party's current platform was adopted at the annual Democrats State Party Convention in 2016.

The committee will follow the process outlined below to adopt the next Party platform, which will be voted on and adopted at the annual Democratic Party State Convention in 2018.

The Platform Committee is responsible for:

  • Holding at least three meetings throughout the state, to have a platform draft available for interested persons on the first day of the meeting of the committee at which the platform is being considered;
  • Holding a final hearing during the first day of that meeting; and
  • Presenting to the committee for approval, a final draft of the platform during the second day of that meeting.

Click here for the 2016 Platform

Click here to submit testimony for the 2018 Platform

Committee Roster 2015-2017

Lead Chairs
Lyn Shaw, Burbank
Howard Welinsky, Toluca Lake

Norman Chramoff, West Hollywood
Julie Soo, San Francisco 

Robert Baird, Sacramento
Michael Barnett, Oakland 
Jennifer Barraza, Los Angeles
Debra Broner, San Luis Obispo
Mikki Cichocki, Riverside
Farid Ben Amor, Sunland
Elspeth Farmer, Palo Alto
Janet Gastil, La Mesa
Bob Handy, Santa Barbara
Sandy Hester, Claremont 
Haig Kartounian, Glendale
Dotty LeMieux, Fairfax
Clark Lee, Walnut
Jonathan Lyens, San Francisco
Justin Meyers, Paradise
Daniel Ortiz, San Diego
Mister Phillips, Richmond 
Natalie Rodgers, Los Angeles
Jeremy Smith, Sacramento
Michael Sweet, San Francisco
Matt Tuchow, San Francisco 

Committee Staff
Candelaria Vargas
(916) 442-5707

Please note that these descriptions are not meant to be an interpretation of the California Democratic Party Bylaws. The CDP Bylaws are available on our website here.

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