Legislation Committee

The State Party will not review legislation submissions again until next Executive Board (EBoard) meeting (August, 2017 — http://www.cadem.org/events).  

The submission deadline for the August 2017 EBoard is Thursday, July 27, 2017 at 11:30pm. The submission page is currently OPEN. For more information, please contact Legislation Committee staff, John Vigna: (916)-503-7305 or john.vigna@cadem.org.

The Legislation Committee will be re-constituted following the May 2017 Convention.

For more information, please contact Legislation Committee staff, John Vigna: (916)-503-7305 or john.vigna@cadem.org. 

Legislative Request Form

The Committee Process: We are broken into two sub-committees, State and Federal Legislation, both of which have conference calls prior to the eBoard meeting during which they review the submissions and put forward a consent calendar. At eBoard, that consent calendar is presented to the full committee. We take general testimony at the beginning of the committee meeting, followed by a (public) committee discussion (Having an advocate remain to answer questions during committee discussion can be helpful). Staff provides every committee member with copies of all legislation on the consent calendar, as well as any additional materials that submitters have supplied for that purpose. Anyone planning to testify should arrive a few minutes before the start of the meeting to sign in. Thank you.

Committee Duties: The Legislation Committee proposes legislation, when needed, in response to the duties and policies of the Party; maintains a listing of all pending legislation that is of "must" and/or major concern to the Party; and keeps a record of the vote by the Democratic Party legislators on those legislative items. The Legislation Committee makes recommendations and proposes actions on said legislation that is consistent with guidelines adopted by the California Democratic State Central Committee (California Democratic Party) Rules Committee.

June 2016 Legislation Positions

Legislation Committee Guidelines

July 2014 Legislation Positions

August 2015 Legislation Positions

OLD Committee Roster 2015-2017 - NEW Roster Coming Soon!

Lead Chair
Barry Broad, Sacramento

Veronica Diaz, Sacramento
Margie Granado, Whittier
Elizabeth Linnerman, Stockton
Jai Sookprasert, Sacramento
Kathrine Underwood, Moreno Valley

Katherine Underwood, State Legislation Subcommittee - have yet to be selected
Lupe Valdez-Schoenberger, Federal Legislation Subcommittee - have yet to be selected

Cecile Bendavid, Woodland Hills 
Joanne Climie, San Diego 
Channing Hawkings, Compton
Lynette Henley, Vallejo
Richard Mathews, Chatsworth 
Dan McCroy, Northridge
Celestine Palmer, View Park
Alex Salgado, Huntington Park
Harpreet Sandhu, Richmond
Loren Scott, Los Angeles
Susie Shannon, Los Angeles
Navneet Singh, Yuba City
David Sonneborn, Orange
Trish Suzuki Blinstaub, Napa
Igor Tregub, Berkeley
Lupe Valdez-Schoenberger, Alamo
Dr. Bonnie Wheatley, Piedmont 
Mark Williams, Castro Valley
Lowell Young, Mariposa

Committee Staff
John Vigna 
(916) 503-7308


Please note that these descriptions are not meant to be an interpretation of the California Democratic Party Bylaws. The CDP Bylaws are available on our website here.

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