Finance Committee

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The Finance Committee is responsible for organizing, in cooperation with the officers of the committee, the activities and policies designed to protect and enhance the financial position of the Party; preparing in cooperation with the California Democratic State Central Committee (California Democratic Party), the Party’s operating budget for presentation to the Executive Board; and reviewing and reporting to the Executive Board on the budgeting policies of the Party.

California Democratic Party – Budget 2021

Committee Roster 2019-2021

Lead Chairs

Ada Briceno, Stanton
Dan Weitzman, Sacramento


Glenda Barillas, Fontana
Paul Cohen, Marin
Peter Kreysa, West Hollywood
Frank Lima, Camarillo
Xavier Martinez, San Marcos
Evan McLaughlin, Sacramento
Shannon Ross, San Pedro
Paula Treat, Sacramento
Debra Vinson, Antioch


Deana Becker, Marina del Rey
Alyce Brown, San Francisco
Paul Cohen, San Rafael
Rocky Fernandez, Oakland
Sam Hindi, Foster City
Amy Howorth, Manhattan Beach
Hene Kelly, San Francisco
Efren Martinez, Huntington Park
Kelli Maruccia
Maliha Noamani, Upland
George Perezvelez, Berkeley
David Pruitt, Sacramento
Rita Ramirez, Victorville
Sion Roy, Santa Monica
Keristofer Seryani, Turlock
Patricia Suzuki, Napa
Judith K Walters, Spring Valley
Emily Ward, Roseville

CYD Ambassadors

Pablo Garnica, Los Angeles
Anika Jain, Fremont

Committee Staff

Camille Alcala
(916) 442-5707

Please note that these descriptions are not meant to be an interpretation of the California Democratic Party By-Laws. The CDP By-Laws are available on our website here.