Ad Hoc Committee on CDP Strategic Financial Planning

Charge of the Ad Hoc Committee

This Ad Hoc Committee is tasked with investigating:
What's the program we have today, how much does it cost, and how is it funded?

What's the program that we're planning for in 2020 and beyond, how much does it cost, and how do we plan to fund it over time.

The Ad Hoc Committee is to provide recommendations to the Chair no later than February 20, 2020, at which point the ad hoc committee will be dissolved. 

To submit public testimony, please click here. 

Meetings Notes Oct. 29th.

Presentation 2 - Compliance & Reporting

Presentation 3 - Coordinated Campaign

Committee Roster

Lead Co-Chairs
April Verrett
Dan Weitzman
Daraka Larimore-Hall
Amy Howorth
Andrew DeBlock
Anita Narayana
Brandon Zavala
Cesar Diaz
Chevelle Newell-Tate
Christopher Bowen
Debra Vinson
Diane Kinyon
Hene Kelly
Lauren Perotti
Lynette Henley
Mark Gonzalez
Melahat Rafiei
Nelson Esparza
Paul Cohen
Paula Treat
Resa Barillas
RL Miller
Rocky Fernandez
Tomas Oliva
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