Bounty Program

Chartered Organization Voter Registration Program

The Chartered Organization Voter Registration (Bounty) Program is a way to help solidify our Democratic majority statewide and push our registration advantage to traditionally "Red" areas. Chartered organizations and County Central Committees can sign up to participate in the Bounty Program, where they will be rewarded for each Democratic registration they collect. All the materials for the Bounty Program are available below.

Chartered Organization Voter Registration Program Guidelines

Overview of the Chartered Organization Voter Registration (Bounty) Program, including eligible participants, payment structure, and tips to improve registration.

Click here to download the Program Guidelines.

Enrollment Form

To participate in the Bounty Program, organizations must complete an online Enrollment Form.

Bounty Program Enrollment Form


In addition to the Enrollment Form, organizations must sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Click here to download the MOU.

Small County Participation

List of counties eligible to submit smaller batches of voter registration cards instead of the minimum outlined in the Program Guidelines.

Click here to download the Small County Participation Memo.

Two-check Payment System (new)

The CDP will send Bounty payments through two checks, one containing federal money and one containing non-federal money to ensure money is transfered in accordance with FEC guidelines.

Click here to download the Two-Check Payment Memo.

California Election Code

Compilation of various sections of the California Election Code (EC) as it pertains to voter registration, including the requirements and responsibilities of registration drive coordinators.

Click here to download the California EC Memo.

SOS Voter Registration Guide

The Secretary of State’s Guide to Voter Registration Drives, which includes best practices for political parties and registration drive coordinators, as well as an overview of applicable state law.

Click here to download the SOS Guide.

Activist Guide to Registering Voters

The CDP Voter Services Committee drafted a guide for registering Democratic voters, which includes best practices and helpful hints to improve registration drives.

Click here to download the Activist Registration Guide. 

Affidavit Registration Form

Participating organizations must pre-register voter registration card affidavit numbers using the Affidavit Registration Form in order to be eligible for Bounty payment.

Affidavit Registration Page

Payment Request Form

When participating organizations have registered enough voters to meet the minimum requirements, they can request payment through the Bounty Program using the Payment Request Form.

Payment Request Form


If you have questions regarding the Bounty Program, please contact Unique Wilson by phone at 916-503-7301 or by e-mail at

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