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The California Democratic Party (“CDP”) has standardized the way Assembly District Delegates (“ADDs”) and Assembly District Executive Board Representatives (“E-Board Representatives”) are selected. Please review this quick reference guide to help understand the selection process.

Quick Reference

Quick Reference Guide

Procedures for Assembly District Election Meetings 

ADEM Procedures

ADEM Convener Expense Information

ADEM Expenses

ADEM Expense Voucher

ADEM Delegate Responsibilities 

Delegate & EBoard Expense and Responsibility Sheet

California Democratic Party Organization

More ADEM TOOLS for Conveners

Convener Check List

Sample Meeting Press Release - ENGLISH

Sample Meeting Press Release - SPANISH

Sample Meeting Press Release - CHINESE

Sample Meeting Press Release - VIETNAMESE

Voter Sign-In Sheet

Affidavit of Voting Results


2019-21 ADEM Staff Recommendation Balloting-Tallying Method For Training Your Volunteers 

Click here to download *PDF Version

Click here to download *PowerPoint Version

Click here to download *KeyNote Version

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