Assembly District Election Meeting - New Election AD51

On March 27, 2019 the Compliance Review Commission (CRC) released their decision relating to the Assembly District (AD) 51 new election. The CRC’s decision orders a new election be conducted no later than May 18, 2019. The decision vacates all prior results except the ADEM’s first-place self-identified female (Jamie Tijerina) and the top three other than self-identified female (Mike Fong, Juan Carlos Cruz, and Vicente Gonzalez-Reyes).

The new election will be held to fill 10 positions (6 self-identified female/4 other than self-identified female) and the representative to the Executive Board. 

Who May Run as an Assembly District Delegate/Executive Board Representative?

Only those qualified previously as an ADEM and/or Executive Board candidate (minus the winners) are eligible.

Who May Vote in ADEMs?

Any participant registered as a Democrat in Assembly District 51 on/or before January 26, 2019, who is still currently registered as Democrat in the district at the time of the ADEM. All voters’ eligibility will be verified prior to the issuance of any ballot.

California Democratic Party (CDP) Acting Chair Alex Gallardo Rooker has appointed Regional Director Mark Ramos to be the AD51 ADEM Convener.


AD51 Assembly District Election Meeting Location & Time:

Date: Saturday, April 27, 2019

Location: East LA Rising, 324 N. McDonnell Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90022 

Time: Doors Open/Speeches Begin 10:30AM

            Registration 11:00AM – 1:00PM


Please Note: In keeping with CDP Policy, Gender shall mean one being either "self-identified female" or "other than self-identified female."

AD51 ADEM Results

AD51 Self-Identified Female Candidate

AD51 Other than Self-Identified Female Candidate

AD51 Executive Board Candidate

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