Resolution Opposing Trump Plan for California Offshore Drilling


Resolution Opposing Trump Plan for California Offshore Drilling

WHEREAS on April 28, 2017, the Trump administration proposed to open up the Pacific Ocean to new offshore oil drilling for the first time since 1984; and

WHEREAS offshore oil drilling represents a significant threat to the people of California, the iconic California coastline, the extensive recreational, commercial fishing, and other industries dependent upon a clean coast, and California’s vast array of marine life, and in fact the California Democratic Party’s platform has long opposed offshore oil drilling; and

WHEREAS four-fifths of the world’s fossil fuel reserves must remain unburned if the world is to have any hope of staving off global warming, while opening up the California coastline to fossil fuel extraction will exacerbate climate change;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party demands that California’s executive and legislative branches of government take all legal steps within their powers to protect California’s waters and coastline from any new offshore oil drilling.

Author: RL Miller, AD44

Sponsored by Rep. Julia Brownley, AD44; CA Sen. Ben Allen, AD50; CA Sen. Henry Stern, AD50; Supervisor Heidi Hall, AD01; Norma Alcala, AD07; Eric C. Bauman, AD46; Carolyn Fowler, AD62; Daraka Larimore-Hall, AD37; Alex Rooker, AD07; Michael Thaller, AD79; Carlos Alcala, AD07; Jamie Beutler, AD05; Ray Bishop, AD45; Brigitte Hunley, AD11; Agi Kessler, AD56; Thomas O’Shaughnessy, AD43; Christine Pelosi, AD17; Murad “Moe” Samara, AD7; Shawn Terris, AD37; Rachel Binah, AD01; Russell Greene, AD45; Rick Guerrero, AD09; Tony Leo Hale, AD66; Samuel Sukaton, AD53; Igor Tregub, AD15; Ralph Miller, AD10; Vannarith Tamom, AD45; Tom Steyer

Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its 2017 Statewide Convention
Sacramento Convention Center

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