Resolution Honoring John Burton


Resolution Honoring John Burton

WHEREAS California Democratic Party Chair John Burton has united and organized our party to help secure unprecedented electoral victories for Democrats, including winning every statewide constitutional office from Governor on down, two United States Senate Seats, 21 Congressional seats, and two-thirds of the California Legislature and in his eight years as Chair of the Party he brought Democrats together, empowered activists to stick to their progressive core beliefs, and always fought for the powerless, the poor and the most vulnerable while running unprecedented organizing and field programs throughout the state; and

WHEREAS John Burton’s leadership for the California Democratic Party has resulted in a top-to-bottom organizational overhaul including expanding training opportunities and activist resources, broadening communications impact and expanding social/online communications, running capacity-building programs during non-election years, overhauling Party finances and streamlining operations and expanding grassroots donors;

WHEREAS John Burton’s liberal vision has enabled other California Democrats to be established as leaders themselves in the fight for our core progressive values of truth, civility and perseverance, while making bold strides forward on the issues that matter to California and to the nation at a time when basic human rights like living wages, health care and women’s rights are under assault in our country;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party proudly honors John L. Burton for his lifetime of service, leadership and accomplishments, as his vision and direction have resulted in the overwhelming success of California Democrats and giving a voice to the voiceless.

Sponsored by the Resolutions Committee

Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its 2017 Statewide Convention
Sacramento Convention Center

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