Kids Not Profits


Kids Not Profits

WHEREAS working Californians support the work of a coalition of education, civil rights, and community organizations working to ensure all charter schools are held to the same standards of accountability and transparency as traditional public schools and that they admit all children, while a group of increasingly politically involved billionaires are putting their own interests ahead of students and funding like-minded candidates who back privately managed public charter schools that receive billions in California taxpayer dollars every year, with far less accountability and oversight than traditional public schools; and

WHEREAS all students should have equal access to all charter schools, and current discriminatory practices at many privately managed corporate charters including cherry picking the students they want and turning away students that need extra help, such as special education students, English learners or students with lower academic performance; and

WHEREAS all charter schools should be held to the same standards of accountability and transparency as traditional neighborhood public schools, and so charter schools should disclose how they spend taxpayer dollars, including budgets and contracts, charter school board members and their families should be prohibited from profiting from their schools, and charter schools should be required to comply with California’s open meetings, open records and conflict of interest laws, just like all other public schools; and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the California Democratic Party believes that public education should be about kids, not profits, and instead of subsidizing corporate charter schools run by for-profit companies with taxpayer dollars, we should be using that money to strengthen our local neighborhood public schools for all California children.
Authors: Sandra Lowe, AD10; Dorothy Kim, AD52; Theresa Montano, AD51

Sponsors California Teachers Association; Sandra Lowe, Brannin Dorsey, Robbie Kreitz, Cecile Bendavid, Meyer Bendavid, Darlene Killgore, Jerome Rice, Andrea Reyna, Michael Flores-Castaneda, Loren Scott, Dorothy Kim, Jose Alcala, Ashley Alcala, Christine Marquez, Katherine Underwood, Theresa Montano, Mary Rose Ortega, Susan Savage, Dean Vogel, Gayle Bilek, Michaela Cichocki, Loretta Arenas, Jesse Aguilar, Jesse Durfee, Jerry Eaton, Margie Granado, Lynette Henley, Ann Katzburg, Hene Kelly, Estelle Lemieux, Mike Patterson, Pat Sabo, Bonnie Shatun, Don Stauffer, Marc Sternberger, Michael Stone, Mary Strobridge, Tracy Taylor, Ken Tray, Kerri Asbury, Gary Colby

Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its 2017 Statewide Convention
Sacramento Convention Center

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