In Support of Internet Privacy


In Support of Internet Privacy

WHEREAS the Republican controlled Congress voted to overturn a yet-to-take-effect regulation that would have required Internet service providers to get consumers' permission before selling their data and the President signed this legislation; and

WHEREAS ISPs have access to huge amounts of data on the websites people visit, including sensitive data like medical, financial and other sensitive information, as well as everyday data like emails, videos, and music, which, if sold or disclosed without consent would threaten the privacy of countless Americans and the FCC regulation would have required ISPs to ask permission before selling that information to advertisers and others, a so-called opt-in provision; and

WHEREAS many Americans have very limited options for broadband access and the Center for Democracy and Technology, argued that Congress' actions would "erase basic privacy protections for Americans in favor of the internet service providers' (ISPs) bottom line," calling the regulations "common-sense privacy and security protections for some of their most sensitive personal information”; and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party calls on our California Congressional delegation to opposes efforts to undermine the privacy of the American people and restore privacy protections and practices regarding broadband user data and personally identifiable information.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party shall communicate this resolution to the California Congressional delegation, and to the FCC Commissioners.

Authors: Brigette Hunley, AD11 and Leslie Katz, AD15

Sponsored by CDP Region 2; Andrew Lachman, DNC member

Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its 2017 Statewide Convention
Sacramento Convention Center

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