Expressing the Support of the California Democratic Party in Protecting Renters from No-Fault Evictions and Illegal or Excessive Rent Increases and Support Rent Stabilization


Expressing the Support of the California Democratic Party in Protecting Renters from No-Fault Evictions and Illegal or Excessive Rent Increases and Support Rent Stabilization

WHEREAS rent control has provided seniors, the disabled and low income tenants with stabilized housing and maintained the integrity of neighborhoods and communities throughout California; and

WHEREAS evictions due to rent de-control and the sale of buildings subject to rent control have led to hundreds of thousands of tenants being displaced under Ellis Act and Costa Hawkins evictions, with over 22,000 units lost due to Ellis Act evictions in Los Angeles alone since 2001, 5,300 units lost due to Ellis Act evictions in San Francisco since 2001, and increasing the number of homeless in California neighborhoods; and

WHEREAS the California Democratic Party recognizes in its platform that shelter (including affordable housing) are among the basic human rights of all individuals;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Democratic Party affirm its commitment to prevent homelessness and protect renters by opposing no-fault evictions and illegal or excessive rent increases and support rent stabilization; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be sent to each member of the Democratic delegation in the CA State Legislature.

Authors: Deepa Varma, AD17; Dotty LeMieux, AD10; Jane Demian, AD51 and Susie Shannon, AD50
Sponsors: Alysabeth Alexander, AD17; Ben Becker, AD17; Paulina Maldonado, AD17; Amy Erb, AD19; Kelly Groth, AD19; Tom Gallagher, AD17; Eric Mar, AD19; Rafael Trujillo, AD17; Li Miao Lovett, AD19; Frances Hsieh, AD17; Gabriel Medina, AD19; Angeles Roy, AD17; Alan Wong, AD19; Liliana Carrillo, AD17; Xavier Aubuchon-Mendoza, AD19; Reid Chalker, AD17; Mike Hegeman, AD19; Brandon Harami, AD19; Ian Fregosi, AD19; David Campos, AD17; Rafael Mandelman, AD17; Peter Gallotta, AD17; Maureen Dugan, AD19; Davi Lang, AD17; Alaina Fuata, AD17; Queena Chen, AD19; Adam Mehis, AD17; Petra De Jesus, AD17; Wendy Aragon, AD19; Wade Woods, AD17; Christine Pelosi, AD17; Eric Bauman;, AD46; Karen Wingard, AD41; Carolyn Fowler, AD62; Deana Igelsrud, AD5; Bobby Jean Anderson, AD59; Norma Alcala, AD7; Larry Gross, AD46; Vincent Casalaina, AD15; Guillermo Daniel Elenes, AD18; Kacey Carpenter, AD24; Margarita Lacabe, AD18; Igor Tregub, AD15; Susan Mcall Garrasco, AD23; Brent Turner, AD24; Susan Rowe, AD5; Christina Leimer, AD10; Alexis Edelstein, AD62; Alice Chan, AD10; Carey Brown, AD45; Jane Wishon, AD54; Grace Yoo, AD53; Lauren Perotti, AD46; Thomas Tellner, AD16; Melissa Garcia, AD38; Glenn Glazer, AD29; David Sonneborn, AD68; Saundra Andrews, AD15; Sue Himmelrich, AD50; Russell Greene, AD45; Elise Moore, AD46; Neil Zavlasky, AD50; Lenny Siegal, AD24; Carole Levers, AD55; N. Yosh Yamanaka, AD70; Judy Hess, AD23; Carol Fedora, AD43; Michelle V. Duman, AD68; Debi Evans, AD41; Wendy Bloom, AD15; Zack Denny, AD13; Jodie Cooper, AD38; Amy Champ, AD5; Eric Sunderland, AD7; Tania Singh, AD61; Leslie Simon, AD45; Linda Lucks, AD62; Richard M. Matthews, AD45; Sabrina Jordan, AD46; Johannes Munzel, AD24; Sara Abed, AD68; Rick Hauptman, AD17; Octavia Tuohey, AD73; Gracie Noelani Tuohey, AD73; Alex Gallardo Rooker, AD7; Tomas Arturo Vera, AD1; Pamela Drake, AD18; Greg Harnage, AD6; Tom Bliss, AD51; Amarnath Ravva, AD51; Rebecca Prediletto, AD51; JC Cruz, AD51; Mishna Erana Hernandez, AD51; Eden McFadden, AD51; Ron Birnbaum, AD51; Marin Co. DCC

Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its 2017 Statewide Convention
Sacramento Convention Center

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