Expressing the Support of the California Democratic Party for Restoring Affordable Housing Funding in the State Budget


Expressing the Support of the California Democratic Party for Restoring Affordable Housing Funding in the State Budget

WHEREAS the State of California has been receiving over 5 billion dollars in Federal low income housing assistance annually, but could lose a significant portion because the Trump administration is proposing deep cuts in housing assistance, including for Section 8 vouchers, public housing maintenance and operations, low income tax credits, HOME and Community Development Block Grants as well as many other crucial services and programs funding affordable housing; and

WHEREAS California’s own state level affordable housing funding has declined 66.5% since 2008 in the amount of over 1.7 billion dollars annually, including a loss of over a billion dollars annually in redevelopment funding alone; and

WHEREAS California now has the highest poverty rate in the country based on the Supplemental Poverty Measure, due almost entirely to the high cost of housing; and California has a growing crisis of homelessness in both rural and urban parts of the state;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party fight to restore lost affordable housing funding, and actually increase this funding in the state budget in the face of impending cuts to help pay for and maintain affordable housing that is desperately needed across the state;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this Resolution be sent to each member of the Democratic delegation in the CA State Legislature.

Author: Deepa Varma

Sponsors: Deepa Varma, AD17; Alysabeth Alexander, AD 17; Peter Gallotta, AD 17; Ben Becker, AD 17; Paulina Maldonado, AD 17; Amy Erb, AD 19; Kelly Groth, AD 19; Tom Gallagher, AD 17; Eric Mar, AD 19; Rafael Trujillo, AD 17; Li Miao Lovett, AD 19; Wendy Aragon, AD 19; Frances Hsieh, AD 17; Gabriel Medina, AD 19; Angeles Roy, AD 17; Alan Wong, AD 19; Liliana Carrillo, AD 17; Xavier Aubuchon-Mendoza, AD 19; Reid Chalker, AD 17; Mike Hegeman, AD 19; Brandon Harami, AD 19; Ian Fergosi, AD 19; David Campos, AD 17; Petra DeJesus, AD 17; Pratima Gupta, AD 17; Rafael Mandelman, AD; Adam Mehis, AD 17; Maureen Dugan, AD 19; Davi Lang, AD 17; Queena Chen, AD19; Wade Woods, AD17

Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its 2017 Statewide Convention
Sacramento Convention Center

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