The Orlando/Latino LGBT Massacre


The Orlando/Latino LGBT Massacre

WHEREAS another horrific massacre happened in America again, this time in Orlando, FL at the Pulse Club, a very popular LGBT Club on its "Latin Night," when a killer shot and murdered 49 people who went to enjoy an evening with friends and family, and June 17th marks one year from the killings at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston SC (and Sandy Hook to San Bernardino are other tragedies); and

WHEREAS the investigation may take weeks, we do know now that the deceased killer had visited Disney World and other sites to possibly attack and murder Americans, but he chose the Pulse Club on "Latin Night," so he especially targeted the Latino LGBT community; and

WHEREAS while President Obama, Secretary Clinton, Senator Sanders, world leaders and other leaders in America have expressed their shock and full support for the LGBT communities, others like GOP nominee Donald Trump have made political attacks on President Obama and Muslims, instead of expressing support for the victims and families and a Sacramento minister (and other ministers) responded to the Orlando massacre targeting LGBT Latinos by saying, “I think that’s great. I think that helps society.”

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party expresses their outrage of this latest mass murder, this one at the Latino LGBT community and condemns statements like the ones from the hateful ministers
and lack of sympathy from Trump and other Republicans

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party thanks the local citizens, First Responders and Medical Personnel who saved many lives and stands with the victims and their families in the Orlando LGBT community and urges that Americans of all faiths, race, ethnic communities, of all ages, without regard to sexual orientation or gender identity show their support for these victims of a hate crime and the rights of all Americans, regardless of faith to be protected and face no religious or human rights discriminations and once again urge Congress to pass laws (a special thanks to US Senate Democrats for the Filibuster and to Senator Feinstein for her legislation) that will outlaw the sales of assault weapons, starting with preventing those on Watch/No-Fly lists from purchasing assault weapons.

Sponsored by Bob Mulholland, Steven K. Alari, Andrew Lachman, Laurence Zakson, Shawn Bagley, Rep. Barbara
Lee, John Cleary, LGBT Caucus Chair (North), Rachel Binah, Christine Pelosi, Denise Penn, LGBT Caucus Chair
(South), Becca Doten, John A. Perez, Alex Rooker, CDP Vice Chair, Jess Durfee, Garry Shay, Mary Ellen Early,
Keith Umemoto, Alice Huffman, Rep. Maxine Waters, Aleita Huguenin, Rosalind Wyman

Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its 2016 Summer Executive Board Meeting
Long Beach Convention Center

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