Thank You Senator Barbara Boxer for your decades of public service


Thank You Senator Barbara Boxer for your decades of public service

WHEREAS, Senator Barbara Boxer was a Marin County Supervisor (1977-83), a member of Congress (1983-1993), and most importantly a U.S. Senator for California, in her 24th year (elected 1992); and

WHEREAS Senator Boxer has fought for the best of the Democratic Party values, including Civil Rights, including LGBT rights, the environment, protecting our coast from offshore oil and gas drilling, combatting HIV/AIDS, protecting a woman’s Right to Choice, Family Planning Services, expanding educational opportunities, supporting our troops and veterans, minorities and everyday Americans, and stood up for Anita Hill in the Judge Thomas hearings; and

WHEREAS when Senator Boxer ran for the US House, her slogan was “Barbara Boxer Gives a Damn,” and Senator Boxer has spent her whole life giving a damn for our country, California, its residents, especially those who needed that extra hand, and for the Democratic Party and its whole ticket

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party thanks Senator Boxer for her public service, her Leadership, her help for so many, her political skills, and her advice and mentoring to thousands of young people helping make California the greatest state in the Union and the Democratic Party the strongest ever

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party wishes Senator Boxer and her husband Stewart and the rest of her family to now have more time together to enjoy life outside of politics and we are very proud of you and what you accomplished.

Let’s show our appreciation for Senator Barbara Boxer

Sponsored by Bob Mulholland, Tom Hayden, Michael Worley, Mary Ellen Early, Rachel Binah, Joe Louis Wildman,
Stephen Gale, Debra Broner, Susan Devine, Coby King, Judy Jacobs, Cara Avanessian, Cara Robin, Jeannie Klever,
Shawn Terris, Justin Meyers, Dale Klever, Kathy Bowler, David Cohen, Aleita Huguenin, Zane Davis, Molly Muro,
Laurence Zakson, Margaret Joehnck, Jamie Beutler, Chris Wagaman, Dave Jones, Sean Elsbernd, Carole Levers,
Patti Skinner Sulpizio, Domenic Torchia, Garry Shay, Anna Soto, Steve Rivera, Betty Ball, Michael Kapp, Jeffrey
Prang, Judy Popowski, Tom Pratt, Pat Hobbs, Caryl Callsen, Sharon A. Ball, Steven K. Alari, John A. Perez, Shawn
Bagley, Jess Durfee, Becca Doten, Alice Huffman, Andrew Lachman, Rep. Barbara Lee, Christine Pelosi, Keith
Umemoto, Rep. Maxine Waters, Rosalind Wyman

Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its 2016 Summer Executive Board Meeting
Long Beach Convention Center

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