Resolution Regarding Fraudulent Organic Products


Resolution Regarding Fraudulent Organic Products

WHEREAS, consumers of organically produced products (annually, U.S. consumers spend $39.7 billion on organic food; and $43.3 billion for all organic sales) depend on labels that indicate chosen items (food, feed, beer, wine, vitamins, personal products, clothing, etc.) have been certified to have been produced organically (acc. Organic Foods Production Act of 1990); that is, produced without synthetic chemicals or genetically engineered ingredients; must not have been produced on land to which any prohibited substances, including synthetic chemicals, have been applied during the preceding three years; must have been produced and handled in compliance with an appropriate organic plan; and, an entity that intended to sell or label agricultural products as organic first had to be certified as an organic producer or handler according to applicable regulations,

WHEREAS, non-organically produced items can contain various pesticides (including glyphosate and other herbicides, fungicides, insecticides) and/or genetically engineered ingredients that are collectively known to be potentially harmful to people, animals and the environment,

WHEREAS, recent investigations have revealed that glyphosate-based herbicides, fungicides, other pesticides and/or genetically engineered ingredients have been found in items represented as organically produced and, thus, subjected victimized people, animals, and the environment to: illnesses and other disorders; and loss of income due to contamination of organic products (loss of sales) and due to the necessary reestablishment of an organic farm or other enterprise.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party (CDP) opposes all misrepresentation, adulteration, misbranding, and false labeling that indicates non-organic items have been produced organically when in fact they were not; and requires that such knowingly and intentionally fraudulent acts (including sales, distribution, and/or deliberate contamination of an organic enterprise’s crop or other product) be investigated by the State’s Attorney General and carry penalties including: fines and restitution of damages, goods, and services to all victims of the fraud, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the CDP communicates this resolution (that is in accord with President Obama’s Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force & California Organic Products Act of 2003 “COPA”) to all Democratic elected officials in the CA Legislature that the CDP is firmly opposed to any adulteration, fraudulent labeling or misrepresentation of organic crops or other products, and supports to the fullest extent of the law, monetary fines, restitution of damages, withdrawal of organic certification, etc. and public censure (mandatory media notification).

Sponsored by Susie Shannon, AD50 and Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains
Authored by Dr. Stephen Frantz, AD45


Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its 2016 Winter Executive Board Meeting
Hyatt Regency Mission Bay

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