Equity In Public School Facilities


Equity In Public School Facilities

WHEREAS the California Democratic Party believes that every child in the State of California is entitled to a quality education at the public expense; and

WHEREAS inadequate school facilities can impede a child’s ability to learn; and

WHEREAS the State of California acknowledged in the matter of Eliezer Williams v. State of California that the State of California has an obligation to provide public school students with equal access to safe and decent school facilities;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED the California Democratic Party calls on all school districts within the State of California to give equal consideration to public schools serving less affluent and minority students when deciding how to allocate funds for the maintenance and construction of school facilities; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED the California Democratic Party shall send copies of this resolution to Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr., State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, State Senate Democratic Caucus, State Assembly Democratic Caucus, California County Superintendents Educational Services Association, and California School Boards Association; this resolution is not intended to affect the allocation of funds between
traditional public schools and charter schools.

Sponsored by Mister Phillips

Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its 2016 Summer Executive Board Meeting
Long Beach Convention Center

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