California Indian History Curricular Reform


California Indian History Curricular Reform

WHEREAS, the education of citizens, particularly our youth who are our future leaders, about California tribal histories, cultures and contemporary issues and the contributions of California Indian tribes to the State of California is vital to the understanding of California’s origins, and rich heritage, and prosperous future; and

WHEREAS, pursuant to California History Social Science Content Standards for California public schools, the Spanish Mission Era and Gold Rush are currently taught to students in 4th grade, and this existing curricula fails to examine genocidal practices perpetrated against California Indians during these periods resulting in a romanticized and inaccurate presentation of historical events; and

WHEREAS, California Indian students may not find the existing school curriculum relevant to their lives or experiences and contrary to their family histories and the majority of students in California remain uninformed about the experiences, contributions and perspectives of their California tribal neighbors, fellow citizens and classmates and this lack of accurate and complete curricula about California Indians may contribute to the persistent academic achievement gap between California Indian and other students as well as the lack of cultural intelligence and proficiency; now

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that collaborative curricular reform strategies are needed to incorporate expanded and improved curricular materials about California Indian tribes and to create programs for cultural exchange and the presentation of native perspectives recognizing that California public institutions of higher education, in consultation with tribal communities and American Indian educators, are key leaders in the implementation of curricular reform and delivery of professional development for educators, to support their cultural fluency and curriculum delivery.

Sponsored by Native American Caucus, Chair Andrew Masiel; California Indian Professors Association; California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center; California Indian Museum and Cultural Center; CTA
Authored by Dr. Joely Proudfit, AD 76; Nicole Myers Lim, AD 2; Dr. Nichola Sandoval, AD 37


Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its 2016 Winter Executive Board Meeting
Hyatt Regency Mission Bay

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