Stop Privatizing California’s Public Schools – End School Segregation


Stop Privatizing California’s Public Schools – End School Segregation

WHEREAS, the school privatization movement has acted as a major tool for the corporate takeover of our public schools in California, the movement has also caused real harm to communities, parents and educators by severely weakening democratic policymaking as some for-profit charter schools have non-elected, often secret school boards, unaccountable to the taxpayers; and

WHEREAS, the privatization movement leads to rejection of students with low test scores, behavior issues, special needs, or who are English language learners, all of which has led to severe segregation of student populations; and

WHEREAS, the billionaires funding EdVoice, the California Charter School Association and Democrats for Education Reform are supporting candidates and local programs that undermine union rights and drain public funds from public school budgets;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party reaffirms its commitment to free accessible public schools for all that offer a fair, substantive opportunity to learn with educators who have the right to be represented by their union, bargain collectively and have a voice in the policies which affect their schools, classrooms and their students;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party send this resolution to all elected Democratic leaders in California, publicize the corporate and billionaire funding of these groups and work with the authors of this resolution to end the privatization and segregation of our public schools, and support the real needs of the classroom: trained teachers, adequate funding, safe and clean facilities, diverse and stimulating curriculum and access to an equal, quality public education with school boards elected by the public.

Sponsored by the CDP Resolutions Committee


Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its Summer/Fall 2015 E-board Meeting
Hyatt Regency
August 16, 2015

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