Save Our Water


Save Our Water

WHEREAS, water is essential to human life and is entrusted to the State to manage in the public interest and the public trust, and must be used reasonably and beneficially, and

WHEREAS, the current drought and global warming crisis has demonstrated that our waters have been overcommitted to the point there is not enough water in the system to meet existing demands; that existing environmental, agricultural, commercial and individual usage has contributed to the decline of some ecosystems, including some native fish species, abandonment of some agricultural production and resulting economic hardship for many California communities, and

WHEREAS, additional efforts are needed to ensure that more California farmers adopt irrigation and crop selection methods that help conserve water, that cities and towns take responsibility to not only conserve water usage but to clean up the toxic chemicals that are spewed into our water systems, that land use planning focus on making new building projects that have the highest water conservation plans available, that our native fish species be protected from non-native predators and overfishing, that water reservoirs engage in efforts to reduce evaporation, that the use of California’s water bond for storage facilities be combined with efforts to restore and support watersheds,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party supports Governor Brown’s efforts to ensure California conserves more of our precious water resources, supports best practice efforts to increase agricultural use of irrigation systems that use less water, that groundwater use be regulated to prevent environmental and economic disaster, that watershed protection and, where possible, restoration be a priority for the State, including working with development of above ground storage facilities to ensure a holistic approach to water storage and usage, that continued efforts be made to ensure that cities and towns eliminate any toxic or chemical waste into our waterways, that native fish be protected not only by ensuring adequate water flows where possible but also from non-native predators, that state and local entities fight to prevent deforestation, overgrazing and other results of human activity, that cities and towns adopt best management practives for reclamation, conservation and reuse, and that alternative water delivery sources be evaluated and considered subject to economic and environmental reviews.

Sponsored by Barbara Pyle, James Williams, San Joaquin Valley's Club and the Madera County Central Democratic Committee


Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its Summer/Fall 2015 E-board Meeting
Hyatt Regency
August 16, 2015

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