Protection Of Small Business Owners


Protection Of Small Business Owners

Whereas the protection of the public and economic growth is an ongoing concern for the California Democratic Party;

WHEREAS online review services such as Yelp and Rip Off Report do not require the identity of the reviewer to be revealed and the CDA immunizes certain liability for defamation and in some cases do not pay any fees or taxes to do business in California yet have a great economic effect on commerce in this state; ad

WHEREAS CCP section 425.16 SLAPP statute is being abused against small businesses who offer services, in contrast to goods, resulting in hurting small businesses with false and defamatory reviews by persons who were never actually a client or customer of these services, yet the Act is being used as a shield;

BE IT RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party supports the prohibition of the use of the SLAPP statute against business owners who furnish services from obtaining the identity of the people posting negative reviews online and having the ability to sue them if the information being posted was false or the person posting was not a consumer of that small business’ services, including competitors.

Sponsored by Lenore Albert-Sheridan, Ronald ODonnell, Jerrod Fish, and Bianca Barrientos.


Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its Summer/Fall 2015 E-board Meeting
Hyatt Regency
August 16, 2015

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