Clean Water For Residents Of California


Clean Water For Residents Of California

Whereas the protection of the public is an ongoing concern for the California Democratic Party; and

Whereas numerous studies have shown that California water is being polluted with carcinogens, fluoriscates, and nitrates being consumed at a rate higher than federal safety guidelines; and

Whereas some of these contaminants are not naturally occurring but come from industrial and commercial pollutants of California's clean water usage during drought conditions;

Therefore be it resolved we share the mutual interest and responsibility for public safety and the California Democratic Party expresses concern on any industrial use of California's clean water which adds toxins to the run-off during drought conditions;

Be it further resolved that the Democratic Party opposes any preemption of a citizen's right to apply for injunctive relief or sue for damages caused by such industrial or commercial contamination of California water which directly or indirectly causes harm.

Sponsored by Lenore Albert-Sheridan, Bianca Barrientos, Ronald O’Donnell, and Jerrod Fish


Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its Summer/Fall 2015 E-board Meeting
Hyatt Regency
August 16, 2015

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