Support Saving Net Neutrality


Resolution 14-07.32L


WHEREAS, the Federal Communications Committee (FCC) has recently extended the public hearing period concerning its consideration of Internet regulations affecting the open internet; and

WHEREAS, since mid-May, the Chair of the FCC has variously communicated a favored option to create a two (or more)-tiered Internet, with fast lanes for those who could afford it, that would allow Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to be able to pick winners and losers online and discriminate against online content and applications; and

WHEREAS, President Obama has recently publicly supported reclassification of ISPs as common carriers, under Title II of the Telecommunications Act, to preserve a truly free and open internet, free of any speed or access preferences, that does not block or discriminate against any applications or content that ride over those networks;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party supports reclassification of ISPs as common carriers and urges promulgating and enforcing robust net neutrality regulations using all means at their disposal to create an internet without any speed or access preference and urges the FCC to pursue that policy; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party shall communicate this support to the Chair of the FCC, Tom Wheeler, as well as to the two Democratic Commissioners, Mignon Clyburn and Jessica Rosenworcel.

Sponsored by David Sonneborn (AD 68)



Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its November 2014 Executive Board Meeting
Marriot Mission Bay, San Diego
November 16, 2014






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