Resolution To Encourage The Support Of Affirmative Action

Resolution 14-07.08

WHEREAS, the California Democratic Party believes that "[o]ur economy must be built on a diverse workforce educated in quality public schools;" and

WHEREAS, the California Democratic Party "believe[s] that all Americans deserve the opportunity to participate fully in the economic, cultural, political, and social facets of society;" and

WHEREAS, the California Democratic Party has pledged to "[e]ncourage, support and defend voluntary and mandatory affirmative action measures aimed at enhancing equality in employment, education, and business opportunities;"

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the California Democratic Party applauds the recent efforts to expand socio-economic and educational opportunity to all Californians through the implementation of affirmative action programs and initiatives; and

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the California Democratic Party shall send copies of this resolution to every Democratic member of the California State Legislature, as encouragement to unite in championing affirmative action and other Democratic values.


Sponsored by the CDP Resolutions Committee. Initially introduced by Mister Phillips (AD 15)
Co-sponsors: California Democratic Party African American Caucus; California Democratic Party Affirmative Action Committee; California Democratic Party Resolutions Committee; California Young Democrats Black Caucus; John George Democratic Club (Berkeley, CA); African-American Democratic Club (San Francisco, CA); Harold Washington Democratic Club (Sacramento, CA); New Frontier Democratic Club (Los Angeles, CA); Black American Political Association of California; Northern California Coalition of Black Trade Unionists; San Francisco Bay View; California NAACP; The San Diego Voice & Viewpoint; San Francisco Black Leadership Forum; Black American Political Association of California San Diego Chapter; Black Women Organized for Political Action; Alice A. Huffman, Member, Democratic National Committee; Daraka Larimore-Hall, Secretary, California Democratic Party; Jo Elias-Jackson, President, African-American Democratic Club; Taisha Brown, AD 79; Darren W. Parker, Chair, California Democratic Party African American Caucus; Laphonza Butler, Member, Democratic National Committee; Diana Love, Regional Director, California Democratic Party Region 9; Steve Phillips, Chair, PowerPAC; Adckinjo Esutoki, President, Lake County Democratic Club; Lawson Stuart, Chair, California Democratic Party Veterans Caucus.



Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its July 2014 Executive Board Meeting
Marriot Hotel, Oakland
July 13, 2014



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