Humanitarian Assistance To Refugee Children From Central America

Resolution 14-07.38L


Whereas, this year an estimated sixty thousand children have fled rape, robbery, and gang violence and extortion in their homelands of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala to the relative safety of our nation, and

Whereas, the California Democratic Party and its Chicano Latino Caucus considers the plight of these children a great humanitarian crisis, and

Whereas, the government of the United States has the legal and moral obligation to respond to these children's plight with humanitarian assistance and due process,

Therefore be it resolved, that the California Democratic Party supports President Obama's request to Congress for $1.8 billion in humanitarian assistance for these children from Central America and efforts to reunite them with their families, and

Be it further resolved, that the California Democratic Party calls on the California Congressional delegation to support existing laws that accord these children culturally competent assistance, due process, and protection as refugees, and that the United States, Central American nations, and international organizations work together to improve the quality of life in Central American countries in an effort to reduce migrations of unaccompanied minors; and that this resolution be sent to President Obama and the California Congressional delegation immediately.


Authored by the Chicano Latino Caucus



Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its July 2014 Executive Board Meeting
Marriot Hotel, Oakland
July 13, 2014



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