Supporting California's Implementation Of The Affordable Health Care Act


Resolution 13-07.38L


WHEREAS, President Obama, with the invaluable leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, successfully enacted historic healthcare reform legislation - the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act- affectionately known as" Obamacare", which represents the most significant expansion and regulatory overhaul of the US healthcare system since Medicare and Medicaid, thereby enabling millions of uninsured or under- insured Americans to finally acquire quality, affordable healthcare.

WHEREAS, California, under the leadership of Governor Brown has been the nation's leader in implementing the federal law, enacting legislation authored by Speaker John Pérez to create the California Health Benefit Exchange.  Additionally California went beyond the federal coverage mandate in defining and establishing essential health benefits, with the result that California was recently praised by President Obama as a model for the country for implementing the Affordable Care Act correctly and in persuading health insurers to offer better plans at affordable prices.

WHEREAS, California's Health Benefit Exchange, now known as "Covered California", is partnering with The California Endowment, Health Consumer Alliance and major multi ethnic media groups in launching a massive statewide education and outreach campaign working with various labor, health, ethnic and community organizations to reach the 5.3 million uninsured Californians where they live, work, play and worship in order to provide the necessary information about all the new health care options available, with the goal of enabling a large and diverse number of Californians  to successfully enroll for health insurance during this first enrollment period beginning October 1st.  Additionally, now more than 1.4 million low income and poor Californians will also have access to the now expanded Medi-Cal program as a result of legislation  authored by Speaker Pérez.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That the California Democratic Party commends Governor Brown, Speaker Pérez, the State Legislature, Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones and Covered California for the effective and professional launch of the most sweeping health care reform of our lifetime which should result in 7 million Californians having access to quality affordable healthcare, with a full array of benefits and none of the previous restrictions imposed by the insurance industry.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the CDP will explore every opportunity to support the successful implementation of Obamacare and further encourages all affiliated organizations to assist in the dissemination of information about the new opportunities, choices and federal subsidies available under the Affordable Care Act, and to resist any and all efforts to undermine its success.


Authored by: Eric C. Bauman, Vice Chair, California Democratic Party


Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its July 2013 Executive Board Meeting
Hilton Hotel, Costa Mesa
July 21, 2013






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