Support Of Hospital Distinct Part Skilled Nursing Facilities

Resolution 13-04.14 


WHEREAS, California Democrats believe that health care is a human right and not a privilege and that meaningful access to such care is essential, and Democrats therefore "support the full funding of community clinics and health centers that serve low-income and homeless populations;" and

WHEREAS, in the spring of 2013, the California state government intends to reduce Medi-Cal repayment rates to Hospital Distinct Part Skilled Nursing Facilities (DP/SNF) based on rates in effect in 2008 and to recoup funds for claims with dates of service beginning June 1, 2011; these intended cuts and retroactive repayment recovery are not sustainable by district hospitals and therefore those hospitals may be forced to eliminate local access to these critical services; and

WHEREAS, if these reductions and recoupment occur, they will cause (1) a devastating decrease in repayments of up to 30% for many facilities; (2) many District Hospitals to shift beds and/or close entire units; (3) many Medi-Cal beneficiaries to be transferred to other skilled nursing facilities, often significantly outside of their community, resulting in disruption in the continuity of care; (4) patients to be distant from their support networks of family and friends; (5) approximately 30% of transferred patients to die shortly after their relocation as a result of trauma associated with the relocation; and (6) DP/SNF closures which may result in significant economic disruption and hardship to the communities in which the DP/SNFs are located due to loss of jobs and related income;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party opposes these rate reductions to the Medi-Cal program that will decrease access to care and disproportionately harm the most vulnerable among us, and encourages Democratic state legislators to introduce and pass legislation to overturn such cuts and to provide even greater funding for rural hospitals and clinics.



Supported by Oakhurst Democratic Club, Mariposa Democratic Club and Mariposa Democratic Central Committee, CDP Region 4, Sonoma County Democratic Party



Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its April 2013 State Convention
Sacramento Convention Center
April 14, 2013







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