Support Immigration Reform And Provide Path To Citizenship For New Americans

Resolution 13-04.63 


WHEREAS, the United States remains a nation of immigrants and New Americans have immigrated to support their families and contribute to our communities in unique but important ways, from accepting menial jobs that other Americans are unwilling to do, to working in the health professions to working for innovative technology and engineering firms and in doing so these New Americans contribute to the United States economy - including paying billions of dollars into our nation's Social Security fund; and

WHEREAS, the process of immigrating to the United States can be inaccessible and burdensome to New Americans, young immigrants who dream of the ability to access quality education without fear, families of same-sex marriages and same-sex couples, those seeking to reunite with deported family members, those lacking financial means to cover the costs, or the ability to complete a complex process that can take decades for those lacking resources; and

WHEREAS, the creation of a path to citizenship for New Americans should ultimately lead to a living wage and strong labor standards for all Americans while putting a halt to employers taking advantage temporary and so-called guest-worker programs that in effect create a "race to the bottom" for all workers, including New Americans. 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party strongly supports efforts in Congress to follow through on President Obama's commitment to grant these New Americans a clear pathway to earn citizenship free of unnecessary or burdensome roadblocks and free of "temporary" or "guest" designations.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party forward copies of this resolution to Democratic members of the United States Senate, the United States Congressional Delegation, the California Legislature, and County Democratic Party Central Committees.



Supported by Carlos Alcalá, Nick Anas, Igor Tregub, Kerri Asbury, Alameda County Democratic Central Committee, Norma Alcalá, Placido Salazar, Angélica Tellechea, Bobbie Salazar, Leticia Garcia, Xilonin Cruz-González, Armando Telles, Tony Madrigal, Angel Diaz, The Chicano-Latino Caucus, The Dolores Huerta Latino Democratic Club of Northern California, the Latino Democratic Club of Los Angeles County



Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its April 2013 State Convention
Sacramento Convention Center
April 14, 2013





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