Support For Ban On Single Use Plastic Bags


Resolution 13-04.5


WHEREAS, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency as many as a trillion single use plastic bags are used worldwide every year, including 12 billion in California;

WHEREAS, on average there are 46,000 pieces of plastic in each square mile of every ocean on Earth and in California single use plastic bags pollute beaches, clog creeks, kill marine life, litter public spaces, and cost local governments millions of dollars in clean up, including $24 million to Los Angeles County every year;

WHEREAS, the town of Fairfax, the City & County of San Francisco, the County of Los Angeles, the City of San Jose, Marin County, City of Manhattan Beach, and the City of Oakland have passed laws banning single use plastic bags;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the California Democratic Party supports a statewide ban on single use plastic bags;

THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, The Chair of the California Democratic Party be instructed to send copies of this resolution to elected Democrats in the California State Legislature and The California Congressional delegation.


Sponsored by Senator Alex Padilla, 25+ DSCC Delegates


Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its July 2013 Executive Board Meeting
Hilton Hotel, Costa Mesa
July 21, 2013







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