Resolution Supporting the Civil Rights of California's Homeless


Whereas, on any given night in California, over 160,000 men, women, and children are homeless, due to the fact that emergency shelters are full with long waiting lists, and not enough affordable housing, employment opportunities and other services are available which could help them transition out of homelessness, and that according to data collected by the McKinney-Vento Educational Programs, over 292,624 California children experience homelessness each year, representing 13% of the 2,200,000 children living in poverty in our State; and

Whereas, often the very acts necessary for human survival, such as sleeping, resting, saving food, attending to personal hygiene, and covering oneself from the elements have been made crimes, and

Whereas, the denial of services specific to the needs of biological functions in some cases amounts to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.

Therefore, Be It Resolved, the California State Democratic Party supports the position that homeless people should have the right to use public spaces to engage in life-sustaining activities; to have access to hygiene centers, and to be fairly treated and not targeted by law enforcement for just appearing homeless; and

Be It Further Resolved that we urge cities and counties to avoid enacting laws and ordinances to exclude and eject the poor and homeless, and instead concentrate on finding real solutions to homelessness such as affordable housing, homeless services, hygiene centers and employment opportunities.

Authored by Tami Dramer
Sponsored by the Democratic Party of Sacramento County, Yolo County DSCC Placer County DSCC Solano County DSCC El Dorado County DSCC Mariposa County DSCC Region 3 Delegates


Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its November 2013 Executive Board Meeting
Westin Hotel, Millbrae
November 24, 2013





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