Resolution Requiring Data Collected By Nsa Program To Be Destroyed After Six Months Unless A Judge Deems Information In The Interest Of National Security


Resolution 13-07.14


WHEREAS, recent revelations have once again shined a light on our nation's sprawling surveillance programs, including those programs that are capturing personal communications of Americans, even those not under investigation or suspected of a crime; and

WHEREAS, the National Security Agency (NSA) is required by law, to gather intelligence on foreign nationals and restricted from turning its significant intelligence gathering powers on our own citizens; and

WHEREAS, questions have been raised about the legality of gathering large swaths of information and data on Americans not suspected of a crime and not suspected of plotting to hurt our nation;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the California Democratic Party calls on requiring the NSA to destroy domestic data and records collected on Americans within six months unless a federal judge deems the information to be in the interest of national security; and

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, copies of this resolution be sent to President Obama, the Chair and Co-Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the Chair and Co-Chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the Director of the NSA.


Author: John Burton, Chair, California Democratic Party

Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its July 2013 Executive Board Meeting
Hilton Hotel, Costa Mesa
July 21, 2013






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