Holocaust Remembrance Day in California


WHEREAS, The Holocaust caused the unfortunate deaths of more than six million Jewish persons, and millions of other innocents

WHEREAS, The State of California is home to a substantial Jewish population and the State of California recognizes the pain and suffering of Jewish victims of the Holocaust and other anti-Semitic atrocities.

WHEREAS,  Americans must never forget the terrible crimes against humanity and must educate further generations to promote understanding of the dangers of intolerance in order to prevent similar injustices from happening again.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That Holocaust Remembrance Day will be recognized as an official day of remembrance in the State of California.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That Holocaust Remembrance Day will be scheduled for California.

Authored by
: Mark Charles Hardie 


Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its November 2013 Executive Board Meeting
Westin Hotel, Millbrae
November 24, 2013







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