Close The Corporate Loophole

Resolution 13-04.39 


WHEREAS, Proposition 13, passed in 1978, is unfair in that it allows commercial property owners to avoid paying their fair share and has shifted the tax burden to residential property and away from business, including everyday homeowners and working families; and

WHEREAS, the state of California continues to face chronic budget crises in large part because Proposition 13 has forced the state to rely on more volatile revenue sources than the property tax, like income taxes and sales taxes paid by working families that move in tandem with economic cycles, causing deficits and requiring cuts to vital services that grow our economy and thereby worsening economic downturns;

WHEREAS, regularly reassessing non-residential property would, according to an analysis of data provided by the California Board of Equalization, generate at least $6 billion in additional revenue for California, and shift the tax burden from homeowners, renters, and working families to corporations and commercial landholders;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party supports commercial property tax reform that will require commercial properties to be reassessed regularly while maintaining residential property owners' protections under Prop 13; and

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Democratic Party of California will communicate this position to Democratic elected officials.



Sponsored by the Santa Clara County DCC, Fresno County Democratic Central Committee, Mariposa Democratic Club, Mariposa Democratic Central Committee, Region 4, Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club, LACDP



Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its April 2013 State Convention
Sacramento Convention Center
April 14, 2013






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