Resolution To Oppose The Closing Of The Usps Processing Centers In California


Resolution 12-07.19

Whereas we need to protect a strong and viable United States Postal Service for the millions of customers in the state of California, and the 4.2 million residents of the Inland Empire, the third-largest region in the state; and,

Whereas, the United States Postal Service has slated for closing the only USPS Processing Center in the Inland Empire, located in Redlands, which serves 4.2 million residents in the two geographically largest counties in the state, and plans to serve these counties from Orange County, which has two USPS Processing Centers which are not slated for closing, and which are located within 18 miles of each other, serving 3 million residents; and,

Whereas, this center employs more than 750 Inland Empire workers and is a vital source of stable employment to a region suffering more deeply than most during the current economic difficulties, and where business development and recovery depends in part on efficient, prompt mail services.

Therefore Be It Resolved That, the California Democratic Party opposes the closing of the Inland Empire USPS Processing Center and any other such Centers in California and,

Be It Further Resolved, that all members of the California Congressional Delegation be sent copies of this resolution and be urged to oppose closing of the Inland Empire USPS Processing Center in Redlands and any other such Centers in California, and that copies of this resolution also be sent to the Postmaster General of the U.S., the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, and to the City Council of Redlands.


Sponsored by San Bernardino County Democratic Central Committee



Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its July 2012 Executive Board Meeting\xe2\x80\xa8
Sheraton Park Hotel, Anaheim\xe2\x80\xa8
July 29, 2012




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