Resolution On Value-Added Scores In Teacher Evaluations


Resolution 12-07.07

WHEREAS in an otherwise laudable effort to improve students' educational outcomes, many school districts are looking for easy answers to the complicated task of evaluating and increasing teacher effectiveness, and

WHEREAS rather than developing comprehensive teacher evaluation strategies that emphasize peer evaluation, professional development, constructive performance reviews, and cooperative sharing of best practices, some so-called education "reformers" have promoted the use of "value-added" formulas, which compare students' scores on standardized tests from the previous year to their scores at the end of the school year, and assign a numerical score to a teacher's performance, followed in some cases by publishing those scores for public review, and

WHEREAS "value-added" evaluation is a highly imprecise and unreliable tool, unable to accurately separate out a teacher's performance from factors beyond his or her control, which often unfairly tars teachers as "underperforming" when in fact the same teacher has scored highly in previous years, and focusing on this single number to the exclusion of other factors in a child's educational experience can confuse parents, depress school morale, destroy careers, incentivize cheating, and lead to perverse and wrongheaded strategies for improvement,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party (CDP) supports the creation and implementation of constructive, holistic teacher evaluation strategies, while opposing the use of value-added testing scores as the sole means of evaluating teachers, and opposes the public dissemination via media or school administration of individual teachers' value-added scores, and

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the CDP will communicate this position to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, State Superintendent Tom Torlakson, the Ranking Democratic members of the Senate and House Education Committees, and the Chairs of the Assembly and Senate Education Committees.


Authored by Damian Carroll; Sponsored by DPSFV, LACDP



Adopted by the California Democratic Party \xe2\x80\xa8
At its July 2012 Executive Board Meeting\xe2\x80\xa8
Sheraton Park Hotel, Anaheim \xe2\x80\xa8
July 29, 2012





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