Support of Occupy / 99% Movement

Resolution 11-11.06B

WHEREAS, the overwhelming influence of corporate interests on public policy and institutions - exacerbated by greed, mismanagement, and corruption - has caused catastrophic levels of income inequality, financial distress, environmental harm, climate crisis denial, and other injustices felt by the overwhelming majority of Americans, the 99%, and


WHEREAS, the wealthiest 1% of Americans, and their corporate interests have acquired a concentration of wealth and power that is unparalleled in the history of our nation, and this concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the few has resulted in tremendous economic and social instability that has most recently manifested in the "Occupy Wall Street" and "Occupy City" protests, and


WHEREAS, the Occupy protestors, particularly those who have advocated their cause using non-violent means, have served to focus attention on the inadequate regulation of the financial industry, the damage inflicted by the absurd and misguided obsession with deficit reduction and the pressing need to reverse three decades of accelerated income inequality, all goals that we fight for in the electoral arena; and


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party stands with those protestors peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights to advance an agenda that results in adequate regulation of the financial industry and Wall Street speculators, reverses the catastrophic slide of income inequality and halts the implementation of austerity-driven economic policies that negatively impact the 99% and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party supports the protesters' constitutional rights to free speech and peaceable assembly, and calls on public agencies to protect their rights fully and encourages California Democrats to support local occupy protests throughout the state as well as the movement encouraging individuals to transfer their funds to community banks and local credit unions.


Resolution Committee Substitute - Additional sponsors: State Party Controller Hilary Crosby, San Diego County Party, Jess Durfee, Michael Thaller, Sonoma County Democratic Party, Stephen Gale, Los Angeles County Party, Kess Kessler, Damian Carroll, DPSFV, Dr Michael McQuary


Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its November 2011 Executive Board Meeting
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Burlingame
November 20, 2011





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