Resolution to Protect Public Libraries

Resolution Number 11-04.21

Whereas, public libraries are vital for a free and open democracy, an educated, literate and informed citizenry, and they promote increased economic activity where they are located and act as a storehouse of our culture, history and politics and as such should not be turned into a for-profit enterprise and, 

Whereas, Santa Clarita's and other California jurisdiction's libraries have been subject to what amounts to hostile takeovers or attempts of hostile takeovers by a for-profit, out of state corporation, Library Systems & Services LLC(LSSI) despite strong citizens' objections, and

Whereas, the for-profit library movement (now the nation's fifth-largest library system) makes its profits by cutting union jobs and pensions, lowering employee incomes and cutting back on patron services, while the costs of running these libraries still comes entirely at the expense of the taxpayers;  

Therefore be it resolved, that the California Democratic Party calls on the State Legislature to enact laws that will protect Public Libraries from being taken over by a for-profit corporation, and  

Be it further resolved, that the California Democratic Party send a copy of this resolution to the Democratic delegation of the State Legislature.

Author: Carole Lutness, 38th AD; Sponsored by LACDP


Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its July 2011 Executive Board Meeting
Sheraton Park Hotel, Anaheim
July 31, 2011





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