Resolution on Supporting Workers and their Right to Collective Bargaining

Resolution Number 11-04.14

WHEREAS, California values our public servants who provide healthcare, fight fires, protect our communities, teach our children, keep our roads safe, and care for our elderly and disabled;  the economic crisis we face was not caused by California workers but is the result of a global recession and the foreclosure freefall that has hit our state particularly hard; workers have suffered tremendously in this recession and California has an unemployment rate of 12.5 percent, the highest it has been since the Great Depression; attacking workers rights will not help us rebuild our economy or fix our budget deficit; and

WHEREAS, California workers have the right to bargain collectively to ensure that workers have a voice on the job and can work together to try to improve their lives and provide for their families; collective bargaining has a long tradition of bringing labor and management together to resolve problems peacefully and avert labor disputes; collective bargaining is a process that requires both sides to compromise in order to reach agreement and all union benefits were achieved through sacrifices made on other issues; all workers have benefited from the hard-fought gains of the labor movement, including the eight hour day, the weekend to rest, the lunch break, child labor laws and health and safety protection; labor unions helped build the middle class in this country and continue to lead in the fight to keep and create good jobs; the right to organize is essential to a democracy and no democratic nation denies public or private sector workers the right to join a union and bargain collectively; and

WHEREAS, Legislation is pending in several states to strip workers of the right to organize; Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is attacking the rights of public workers and teachers to engage in collective bargaining, while proposals in other states such as Ohio, Indiana, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, California and across the nation, take away the rights of construction workers and seek to weaken unions by banning the union shop; these attacks are nothing more than an attack on the American middle class;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party acknowledges the valuable work done by both public and private sector workers in California and the hard times that all workers are facing in this economy; that the California Democratic Party reaffirms the legitimacy of every workers' right to sit down with their employer in an atmosphere of mutual respect, and that workers in all states must have a basic right to organize and bargain collectively in order to revive our economy and rebuild our middle class; and

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the California Democratic Party calls upon all state legislators to respect public and private employees' collective bargaining rights, be directed to send a copy of this resolution to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, California Governor Jerry Brown, all California Democratic Legislators and to all affiliated unions in California.


Submitted by Willie Pelote, AFSCME.  Sponsored by Chairman John Burton, the California Labor Federation, LA CDP, Diablo Valley Democratic Club, Cañada Crescenta Democratic Club

* * *

Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its 2011 State Convention
Sacramento Convention Center, Sacramento
May 1, 2011


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