Resolution on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Resolution 11-11.08

Whereas, Social Security is a great pride to America and the Democratic Party and  is funded entirely out of the contributions of workers and their employers; and it is a social insurance program protecting against poverty in old age, loss of income due to disability, or the death of a spouse or parent; and


Whereas, Medicare protects seniors from catastrophic health problems which would otherwise bankrupt them and their families, and Medicaid is a nationwide safety net that ensures that people who fall through our complex and inadequate health care system will have health care, and s also the provider of long-term living solutions for many disabled and/or senior Americans, and


Whereas, the problem with our healthcare system is neither Medicare nor Medicaid, but that as a nation, we have not come to terms with our need for a national healthcare system such as a single-payer system, which would cut costs in a far more meaningful fashion, without harming our most vulnerable people, and


Therefore be it resolved, that the California Democratic Party calls on all Democrats to reject any and all attempts to cut Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid, including but not limited to increase in eligibility age, chained-CPI, privatization in any form, or decreases in funding; and


Therefore be it further resolved, that the California Democratic Party has a responsibility to preserve these American treasures which are the right of all citizens of this country, and therefore calls upon our Democratic Party to consider it a duty and privilege to protect and defend the integrity of Social Security against any individual or organization who would seek to diminish its presence in our society.


Sponsored by: Margie Metzler and Karen Bernal. 


Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its November 2011 Executive Board Meeting
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Burlingame
November 20, 2011





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