Extreme Legislation Against Undocumented Residents

Resolution Number 11-07.16

WHEREAS, the state of Alabama has passed HR-56, an anti-undocumented person bill, which makes Arizona's SB-1070 seem absolutely benign by comparison; and

WHEREAS Alabama HR-56 is a measure that discriminates against undocumented Alabamans in a comprehensive way from housing to contract law; and

WHEREAS it criminalizes knowingly giving an undocumented person a ride to school, a courthouse, a hospital, or a federal immigration office;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT the California Democratic Party opposes all extreme actions against undocumented persons and supports efforts to have state and federal courts declare them unconstitutional; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the California Democratic Party oppose all efforts that single out any class of people and denies that group civil rights and places them outside the protection of the law.

Authors: Craig Athon 49; supported by Region 12 and Region 13 Regional Meetings


Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its July 2011 Executive Board Meeting
Sheraton Park Hotel, Anaheim
July 31, 2011





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