2011 CA Education Funding Resolution

Resolution Number 11-04.64

WHEREAS, public education funding has been severely cut resulting in crucial Head Start and Pre-Kindergarten programs being reduced, our public schools (K-12) are extremely underfunded to the point where class sizes and staff to student ratios are unmanageable, our Community Colleges and Public Universities continue to increase tuition fees to counteract the steady decrease in State funding, all of which has resulted in diminished access and pathways to higher education regardless of socioeconomic standing; and 

WHEREAS, California is in a budget crisis and an extension of revenues is vitally needed in order to prevent deeper cuts to school and students; and

WHEREAS, The CDP Platform puts forth that California's students must have access to a free, fully accessible and equitable world-class public education system, which means that our postsecondary education must be available and affordable to all interested students while our elementary, secondary, and postsecondary institutions must be adequately funded in order to provide a well-rounded, balanced curriculum that will prepare students for success in a globally interconnected world; and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party reaffirms the principle that securing the future and opportunity of our children is a top state priority, and urges all Californians to work towards a constructive solution that supports, instead of hinders, reinvestment in education at all levels from PRE-K to Public Institutions of Higher Learning; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that we strongly advocate for and send this resolution to the Governor and State Legislature, asking them to protect and improve our public education system and programs by making them a top priority and by continuing to work toward a solution that invests in, rather than further decimates an already underfunded public education system.

Authors: Konstantin Hatcher 42


Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its July 2011 Executive Board Meeting
Sheraton Park Hotel, Anaheim
July 31, 2011






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