Support the NAACP and SCLC/LA in Condemning Extremist Racist Elements Within the Tea Party Movement

Resolution number 10-07.21L

WHEREAS, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Los Angeles (SCLC/LA) have repudiated extremist elements within the Tea Party Movement and called upon the Tea Party leaders to condemn those within their ranks who use racist epithets and anti-gay slurs in their signs, slogans, actions and speeches; and

WHEREAS, these extremist Tea Party members have displayed signs and placards at Tea Party rallies with the most vile, antagonistic, racial and anti-gay defamatory language and images (i.e. the use of the N-word, anti-Semitic references, homophobic slurs and use of the term slavery); and

WHEREAS, some members of the Tea Party leadership have been reluctant to denounce these members;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the California Democratic Party joins with the NAACP and SCLC/LA in condemning the extremist elements within the Tea Party Movement; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the CDP calls on political parties and candidates for public office to reject and condemn the hateful, inaccurate, racist and inflammatory statements of extremists in the Tea Party and urges them to engage in civil debate about real issues.

Authors/Sponsors: Reginald Byron Jones-Sawyer, Sr., Secretary of the California Democratic Party and Darren Parker, Chair of the African-American Caucus

* * *

Adopted by the California Democratic Party
At its Executive Board Meeting\xe2\x80\xa8
Holiday Inn San Jose
July 18, 2010

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